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PC series hammer mill developed by CGE Industry, MTW, MTM series medium speed trapezoidal mill, ball mill and LM, LUM series vertical mills cover coarse grinding, fine grinding and ultrafine powder in industrial milling Grinding mill requirements for free combined production in the 0-2500 mesh range. Whether you are in the chemical, energy, building materials or metallurgical fields, CGE Industrial Mills will be able to satisfy you.

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Aggregates for Concrete in Nigeria

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May 29,2019

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Analysis of 11 common faults in the production of sand making machines!

At present, river sand is banned and sand prices are rising. As the mainstream mechanism sand equipment, vertical shaft impact breaking (sand making machine) has received more and more attention. In production, sand making machines will inevitably have various problems. If they cannot be solved in time, they will delay production and affect efficiency. What happened to us when the sand making machine failed frequently? Don't worry, solve the 10 common problems in one article! In the analysis of the common faults of the sand making machine, this article once again summarizes the 11 kinds of problems that may arise, and the collection in advance is ready!

1、Sanding machine appears blocking material

Common causes of blockage in the sand making machine are:

  1. Material moisture content is large;
  2. Material is too hard or too large;
  3. Feeding speed is too fast, too much feed;
  4. Inappropriate tightening of the V-belt: After the delta drive belt is loose (slipping), the power cannot be transmitted to the sheave, and the stone is crushed.;
  5. Improper adjustment of the discharge port: If the speed of discharging the material is too slow, it will cause the material after the subsequent crushing to accumulate in the discharge port and the crushing cavity, causing the discharge obstacle。

2、Sudden shutdown of equipment

cause of issue:

  1. Blockage of material in the crushing chamber;
  2. V-belt too loose;
  3. Operating voltage is not suitable, too low;
  4. Internal parts fall off;
  5. Impeller stuck;
  6. Bearing lock or spindle break;
  7. There is a problem with the device cable, broken or bad contact.


  1. Shut down, clean the materials, prohibit the material with large particle size or more water from entering the machine, and feed evenly to avoid excessive;
  2. Adjust the tightness of the V-belt;
  3. Select a voltage that meets the device requirements;
  4. Check inside the device;
  5. Strictly control the hardness of the material and prohibit the entry of unbreakable substances;
  6. Repair or replace worn spindles;
  7. Check the cable and fix it.

3, motor power is unstable

The cause of the failure:

The main bearing of the sand making machine has poor lubricity, reduced flexibility, loose feeder, high concentration of discharge, severe wear of gears and horizontal cylinder liners, or motor circuit failures may cause the motor of the sand making machine. The power supply is unstable.


The lubricating oil should be added to the rotating bearing in time, and the worn gear and lining device should be adjusted to repair the motor circuit to eliminate equipment failure.

4, the sand machine produces abnormal vibration

cause of issue:

  1. The drive bearing is excessively worn;
  2. The gear mesh is incomplete or severely damaged;
  3. The anchor bolts or the large gear connecting bolts are loose.


  1. Mask gear adjustment;
  2. Replace worn bearings or gear parts;
  3. Retighten the loose feet of the feet.

5, the sand making machine produces a strong impact sound

The cause of the failure:

When the sand making machine is working, if there is foreign matter mixed in the gears or the gears are loosely toothed, the equipment will produce a strong impact sound. This phenomenon will also occur when the rotating bearing or the link bolt on the foundation is loose.


At this time, it is necessary to stop the inspection, take out the foreign matter and replace the worn gear, and tighten the connecting bolt.

6, the main bearing is overheated and an abnormality occurs

The main bearing is an important part of the equipment operation. The bearing should be installed correctly during installation. Impurities should not be entered into the bearing. The amount of sand should not be too much or too little, and the main bearing should be regularly lubricated and cleaned to avoid the main bearing. Overheating or power failure occurs when subjected to large loads during long hours of operation.

7, the upper and lower bearing temperatures of the sand making machine are too high

The cause of the failure:

  1. The motor is overloaded for a long time;
  2. The main bearing is damaged. The operator should be familiar with the sound of the bearing when it is running. If the sound changes, especially if the sound is low, it indicates that the bearing has deteriorated;
  3. Bearing grease is missing;
  4. The grease drain groove is clogged, causing the pressure inside the bearing housing to increase, causing the grease to fail.


  1. Appropriately reduce the motor load.
  2. Replace damaged bearings.
  3. Add grease.
  4. Drain the grease drain groove.

8, the vibration value of the sand making machine is too large

The upper limit of the set value of the vibration switch of the sand making machine plays an extremely important role in protecting the equipment. When the sand making machine vibrates to a certain limit, the vibration switch can cut off the power supply of the motor to protect it.

The cause of the failure:

  1. The rotor has a damaged head or uneven wear of the rotor;
  2. The material in the rotor is uneven;
  3. damage pad damage;
  4. Rotor or pulley sleeve loose;
  5. The main bearing is damaged;
  6. The bolt is loose.


  1. Check the rotor wear and replace the corresponding throwing head;
  2. Shut down to check the accumulation of material in the rotor and adjust the feed rate;
  3. Replace the vibration damping pad;
  4. fastening the pulley sleeve;
  5. Replace the main bearing;
  6. Tighten the loose bolts.

9, sand machine belt flipping

1, indicating that the belt of the sand making machine is worn, and the V-belt needs to be replaced.

2, assembly problems, the pulleys need to be adjusted on the same plane.

3. Check the quality of the V-belt itself.

10, ammeter abnormality

1, the current is too large

Fault cause: The feed amount is too large, the material in the crushing chamber or the machine base is too much, the discharge hopper is blocked, and there is a mechanical or electrical failure.

Solution: Reduce the amount of feed, unblock the material, and find specific electrical problems.

2, the current is too small

Fault cause: The feed amount is too small, the drive belt slips or there is an electrical fault.

Workaround: Increase the amount of feed appropriately, replace the drive belt, and find specific electrical problems.

11, abnormal wear

1. Uneven wear (upper or lower) of the wear plate of the throwing tip in the rotor is mostly caused by the unreasonable angle of the material; sometimes it is caused by excessive broken material.

The amount of accumulated material and the characteristics of the material in the rotor have a great relationship with the service life of the throwing head. Try to spread the material from the guide plate of the rotor to the insert of the throwing head. test.

2. The abnormal wear of the feed cylinder and the feed sleeve is mostly caused by improper installation or stone sandwiching.

In actual production, the type of failure encountered by the sand making machine is far more than the above. If you encounter other problems in operation and production, please leave a message!

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